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Dave Schmulenson created 'The Schmo' as a fresh perspective, and a new alternative to what is occurring in sports today. He is able to get the athlete’s point across by injecting humor with self deprecation. This genre he calls ‘sports comedy,’ with an emphasis on sports first and comedy second. Dave wants the humanity of the athlete to come through, and he’s found humor to be an effective tool to draw out the personalities from the athletes he covers.

Why The Schmo?

The future of sports journalism is changing rapidly. Sports fans want content that can be accessed through mobile and at their convenience. Sports coverage can use a fresh perspective and alternative approach. Enter The Schmo.

Who is The Schmo?

The Schmo is an overzealous sports zealot who brings news and entertainment in digestible bites. But, the joke is never on the athlete or subject. It’s always on The Schmo. A mix of Craig Sager and Rodney Dangerfield, The Schmo is able to establish rapport and comfort with his subjects. His blend of whacky personality and sports know-how produce one-of-a-kind interviews.

What makes The Schmo unique? 

In the past year alone, The Schmo has interviewed more than 100 of the game’s best and brightest. 

The Schmo is flexible. He can conduct studio interviews, hit the turf, red carpet and premieres, or bring the green screen to life. 

And The Schmo does it all – from booking athletes, to producing and editing segments. He can get guests to share across their social channels. He has a strong partner network and understands how to monetize this digital content.

Recent guests include:

Cris Carter, Terrell Owens, Patrick Mahomes, Bill Walton, Devin Booker, Jordan Bell 


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